Selection And Identification Of A Prioritisation Factor For Test Case Optimisation


  • Nurul Shazani Sahidan
  • Hishammuddin Asmuni
  • Shahliza Abd Halim
  • Mir Jamaluddin
  • Mohd Syafwan Arshad
  • Shahreen Kasim


4FTC is a method to select and identify factor values that will be used to optimise fault detection by creating test case ordering to be executed in the testing phase. Many researchers, as mentioned in the literature review, have come out with techniques to prioritise and minimise the effort, time, and cost of software testing, namely test case prioritisation methods, regression selection techniques, and a test case reduction model. In this research, a new prioritisation technique for requirements based on system-level test cases to improve the rate of fault detection was proposed. The study outcomes indicate that the 4FTC model led to an improvement in the detection rate of faults in comparison to the random ordering of test cases.